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Resurface Asphalt Tampa

Resurfacing asphalt is the 1st choice for repairing worn out asphalt parking lots in Tampa and Clearwater, because it’s an economical way to repair worn out asphalt pavement without tearing out the existing pavement.

Timing is everything when it comes to repairing asphalt, because if you wait too long the sub base will erode and this brings on a whole new set of problems. Eroded sub base has to be replaced before you can resurface worn-out asphalt pavement.

Always look for connected asphalt cracks in parking lots; this is a sure sign that it’s time to repair asphalt. If you’ll catch it at this stage of wear and tear, you’ll save a lot of money on asphalt repair.

When asphalt parking lots and driveways start cracking, water will settle into the cracks, and slowly expand, which allows water to undermine the shell base and will require more extensive repairs. If you get asphalt maintenance done regularly, you can avoid costly repairs or replacement of asphalt.

Resurfacing asphalt will make your asphalt pavement look as new as the day it was installed, while dramatically extending the life of your parking lot and driveways. Don’t confuse seal coating asphalt with resurfacing, they’re two entirely different processes. See our article here about resealing asphalt.

In cases where there is too much deterioration of the sub base due to poor drainage conditions, or pavement that’s been resurfaced to many times, (this causes problems with proper water flow and trip hazards) resurfacing may not be advisable and we’ll advise you of other course of action to maintain your asphalt without tearing it out.

Asphalt resurfacing should not be done on pavement that is unrepairable or  severely cracked, or has large sunken areas, because the new asphalt overlay will match what’s on the surface now. Within a month or two the cracks, and depressions will form in the same areas of asphalt that are damaged now.

We provide asphalt resurfacing in Tampa, Ocala, Orlando, Lakeland, Fort Myers, Palm Harbor, Sarasota and the surrounding areas. Contact us now for a free estimate at 727-474-0402 or 800-986-3231.





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