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Asphalt Paving Tarpon Springs

Asphalt Paving Tarpon Springs

Asphalt Paving Tarpon Springs

Resurfacing or repaving your asphalt parking lot in Tarpon Springs Fl is necessary, if you’re going to compete with National companies with well-known Brands. Brand conscious companies like Walmart and Target will not allow their parking lots to be rundown.


Your asphalt parking lot in Tarpon Springs is the first thing your prospects will see, not your receptionist. Neilson surveys have proven that your prospects and clients will begin to form an opinion of your business and services before they get through your front door.


Scheduled Asphalt Maintenance is the best way to make sure your asphalt parking lot remains in good repair and does not allow cracks and pot holes to get started and ruin your asphalt to the point where it will have to be replaced.


To ensure that you extend the life of your asphalt pavement, let Florida Paveworks tell you about our Pavement Preventive Maintenance program. This will allow you to keep your pavement looking good and stop deterioration of the asphalt that occurs in Florida form our extreme heat and rainy weather


Here are some suggestions to keep your asphalt paving looking good.


Garbage trucks and delivery trucks should have special access roads when to your properties. These heavy vehicles carry a lot of weight and can destroy your pavement in a hurry. You will notice that many large chain stores like Publix and Target have special delivery roads running along the back of the buildings for loading and unloading large trucks.


If you can keep these heavy trucks off of your pavement, you’ll reduce the load your asphalt pavement has to deal with. Another way to do this if you have a smaller commercial property would be to move your garbage containers close to the road where garbage trucks easily get to them.


Drainage issues are bad for asphalt

The water alone from our heavy rains in Florida is one of the main reasons why asphalt pavement becomes damaged. When rain water or runoff water is allowed reaches the shell base rock under your asphalt pavement, you’ll experience cracking and potholes. Standing water is very bad problem on your asphalt pavement and should be repaired as soon as possible.


Keep your asphalt parking lot clean

Make sure to sweep your asphalt parking lot on a regular basis. This will keep the asphalt from accumulating loose aggregate and glass, which will cause damage to the asphalt and your customer’s tires.


Keeping your asphalt commercially swept will also allow you to evaluate the condition of your asphalt pavement. When asphalt parking lots are not cleaned, debris will accumulate in the cracks and damaged asphalt making them worse. If you have a lot of debris in your asphalt, contact an asphalt paving contractor in Tarpon Springs.


Keep cracks in asphalt repaired

If your asphalt parking lot has existing cracks, water will get into the cracks and damage your asphalt. Call Florida Paveworks anytime for a free estimate for asphalt repairs in Tarpon Springs.


Sealcoating Asphalt in Tarpon Springs

Sealcoating seals the surface of your asphalt and should be done at least every three years in Florida. Protecting asphalt from the elements and water seepage is extremely important and will extend the life of your asphalt for years to come.


Seal coated asphalt parking lots look great and make a great first impression with your customers. Sealed asphalt looks like new and has a rich dark black color compared to old asphalt that hasn’t been maintained properly.


Sealcoating large areas is best left to an Asphalt Sealing Company like Florida Paveworks, no-one has more experience with sealcoating asphalt. It’s important to make the necessary repairs to your asphalt when the sealcoating is done.


Call us in Tarpon Springs Fl at (800) 986-3231 and we’ll give you a free estimate and a free inspection of your asphalt parking lot in Tampa.


With over 25 years experience, Florida Paveworks proudly providing services in Tampa, Clearwater, Dunedin, Largo, Palm Harbor, Pinellas Park, Ocala, Orlando, Lakeland, Fort Myers, Sarasota and the surrounding areas. Call us now for a free estimate at 727-474-0402 or 800-986-3231.


Florida Paveworks has offices throughout central and southern Florida. Below is a list of our other offices in Florida…


Asphalt Paving Contractors Tampa: 503 East Jackson Street 33602 Phone: (813) 527-0578


Asphalt Paving Contractors  Fort Myers Phone (239) 491-7007


Asphalt Paving Contractors  Sarasota: 7350 S. Tamiami Trail 32431 Phone (941) 320-4664


Asphalt Paving Contractors  Lakeland: 3616 Harden Blvd Phone (863) 614-0061


Asphalt Paving Contractors  Palm Harbor: 35246 US HWY 19 North 34684 Phone (727) 474-0402


Asphalt Paving Contractors  Ocala (352) 414-1654


Asphalt Paving Contractors  Orlando 630 South Kirkman Rd 32811 Phone (407) 770-8993

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